A Reflection on Grace and Works, October 25, 2015

In this episode of Good News for a Change, Fr. Constantine Lazarakis shares thoughts on Grace and Works. He focuses not on the Gospel reading, but the critically important words of St. Paul from the Epistle. Salvation is given “by grace alone, and not by works of the Law.” We know what we have to do to be saved and have a growing relationship with God, but we can never believe that we receive salvation because of the works we do. Everything we are, has God as its source. By following the commands, by caring for others, we can never actually earn anything that God would then owe us. His salvation is a gift. The Grace of God is his infinite love for his creation. If God’s salvation is a gift we cannot earn, then we do we do Good Works? We must make our hearts able to receive his grace and love by not closing them off to him. We cultivate receptivity to God by doing works of charity and participating in the Life of the Church. 


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