A Reflection on St. Luke

In this episode of Good News for a Change,  Fr. Constantine Lazarakis shares thoughts on the occasion of the commemoration of St. Luke the Evangelist. St. Luke is unique among the Gospel writers because he was not among the original disciples. He was a Physician by trade, trained to heal people. But when St. Luke encountered the power of the Holy Spirit, when he learned that Jesus Christ is Lord, he devoted himself to living the Gospel of Christ and spreading the Gospel of Christ, which is really the Gospel of Love. The Gospel of the Day has Jesus telling his apostles, “Whoever rejects you, rejects me. And whoever rejects me, rejects my Father in Heaven.” The challenge for us is to face the question of whether we have accepted the Gospel of this Evangelist or rejected it. Fr. Constantine suggests that if we have dust on our Bibles at home, we should challenge ourselves to spend more time in the Scriptures and thus further accept the saving power of the Gospel.
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Father Constantine Lazarakis, born and raised in Salt Lake City,…
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