A Reflection on the Feeding of the Five Thousand, July 26, 2015

In this episode of Good News for a Change, Fr. Constantine Lazarakis explores the story of the Feeding of the Five Thousand. He remembers how a Sunday School teacher from his youth taught him to always be grateful to God for every bite that goes into one’s mouth and take a moment to express gratitude to God. He reflects on how, even now, if he fails to follow her advice, to this day he will remember her teaching. Jesus miraculously feeds five thousand with only five loaves of bread and five fish. And the group was actually at least ten thousand if you count the women and children undoubtedly in the group. Jesus took what little food they had​,​ and ​H​e blessed them. And a simple blessing, a word of gratitude to our God, is one in which we recognize that God is our Father and we are ​H​is children, receiving all good things from ​His hand. Physical food is a temporary satiation from our hung​er, but we must then remember our hunger for eternal sustenance. There is abundance in gratitude.

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Father Constantine Lazarakis, born and raised in Salt Lake City,…
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