Archbishop Dmitri and Friends, Singing in Church

Archbishop Dmitri and Friends, Singing in Church


On this first morning of Great Lent, we found a gift we want to share with you. If you click above, you can watch Archbishop Vladyka Dmitri singing with two little girls. The video was taken at St. Seraphim Cathedral in Dallas, TX, in March 2007, a few years before the Archbishop fell asleep in the Lord.

The two little girls are Alyna Rudder (in brown) and Emma Creasman (in black), and Alyna’s father, Reader Daniel Rudder, recorded the video. He recalls, “Vladyka and I were discussing getting kids to sing in the church, and how Alyna would usually sing the loudest. So I asked if he would sing with her. She was best buddies with Vladyka. We used to have to explain to her that he was everyone’s Vladyka, not just hers.”

His Eminence Archbishop Dmitri of Dallas and the South (1923-2011) was the ruling bishop of the OCA’s Diocese of the South from 1978-2009, and the first American convert to Orthodoxy to become a bishop.

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