Archpriest Chaplin: If Migrants Offend Russian Women, Male Relatives and State Will Defend Them

MOSCOW — Russian Orthodox Church spokesman Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin made international headlines for his recent comments arguing against an art installation of the “Eye of Sauron” in Moscow.

Now, reports are circulating about a new textbook he edited, titled “Russian Language, History and the Foundations of Russian Law.” The book is intended to help recent migrants in Russia better understand local culture, assimilate, and pass state-mandated tests in Russian language, history, and civics, required under new legislation of all migrants before they can obtain work permits.

Several sections include advice about daily life, etiquette in public, and Russian food. For example, the textbook advises against playing loud music, being too pushy when using public transportation, talking loudly in public, starting fights, and disrespecting Russian women.

According to the newspaper Izvestia, the book warns:

In Russia, there are many unhappy families and single women because many men die early or perish in wars and conflicts. But Russian women regard themselves highly and require respect. If someone offends them, then their male relatives and the state will defend them.

Archpriest Chaplin told Izvestia the textbook was necessary because it is “important that foreigners understand Russians.”

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