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What’s in the Name?

During my last visit to the monasteries in Egypt, I was asked by family members to baptize their child at the monastery. When I went there the day of the…

Feb 20, 2017
The Sounding Blog

Christmas, Martyrdom and Liturgy

The relationship between Christmas, Martyrdom, and Liturgy might seem as a stretch at first, but in light of the recent bombing at St. Peter’s Church…

Jan 03, 2017
The Sounding Blog

It’s the Father’s Good Pleasure to Give You the Kingdom

Sometimes in discussions with young people, I ask them this question: “If you were to die now, would you go to Heaven or Hell?” To my surprise, a large…

Dec 04, 2016
The Sounding Blog

The Holy Trinity, Me and Glorifying God Through Music

I was once listening to a talk in which the speaker provoked the audience with the following statement: “By watching your actions for a day, I can tell…

Oct 30, 2016
The Sounding Blog

Living in Christ’s Image

I remember once coming across a vintage ad from the 1930’s that said, “Get fat for your husband.” I don’t think this company would last a week…

Sep 26, 2016