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Christ in You

Sunday Sermon:  Persistence in Faith   

  Beloved, there are many circumstances in life that can overwhelm our faith; health issues, financial problems, influences of the world and evil…

Jan 29, 2016
Christ in You

Sunday’s Gospel:  Be the One

    In the story of the Ten Lepers who were cleansed and healed by Jesus, only one came back to thank and praise Him. The other nine were nowhere…

Jan 23, 2016
Christ in You

The Perfect Day

  Is it possible to have a “perfect day?”  In this message Fr. Christopher examines a beautiful prayer of the Liturgy which spiritually challenges…

Dec 09, 2015
Christ in You

A Sweet Fragrance of Faith

On October 25, Fr. Chris spoke about the story of St. Demetrios, and how we can defeat secularism through the example of the Saint’s faith and commitment…

Oct 30, 2015
Christ in You

Super Role-models for Christ

Fr. Chris speaks of two successful women who left everything to become nuns: Spanish model and actress, Olalla Oliveros and  Colombia’s top models,…

Sep 24, 2015
The Sounding


In the new movie, “Mission Impossible,” Tom Cruise once again sets out to overcome almost impossible odds and obstacles in this action thriller, yet…

Aug 21, 2015
Christ in You

Proof is in the Promise

So many people in our world today are looking for evidence and proof that God exists. In this message from “Christ in You,” we are reminded…

Jun 03, 2015
Christ in You

Let the Light Shine: Seeing with New Eyes

Are you blind? Do you wear glasses? Drawing on a story from his own past, Fr. Christopher puts us right into the heart and mind of the blind man who received…

May 20, 2015
Christ in You

Stay Thirsty for Christ

Our world tells us to try everything. We’re always being urged to “stay thirsty,” “have it all,” “follow your dreams.”…

May 11, 2015
Christ in You

Only One Thing

Today, Fr. Christopher is here to share with you “the one thing that is needed in our lives to have a fulfilling, joyful, and purpose-filled life….

Apr 24, 2015
Christ in You

Idol Worship and the Screen

Christ is Risen! Watch this remarkable video. In the first few minutes, you enjoy the beautiful, uplifting celebration of Christ’s resurrection….

Apr 18, 2015
Christ in You

Christ in You

Have you ever looked closely at the icon called Christ the Sower? It shows Christ holding a bag of seeds in one hand, and planting them. What do you know…

Apr 09, 2015