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Thanksgiving: The Norm of Christian Existence

“Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever” (Psalm 135:1 LXX). My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Several decades…

Nov 09, 2017
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Embracing the Desert in Our Hearts

Famous French author, poet, and aristocrat Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once wrote in his acclaimed masterpiece The Little Prince: “What makes the desert…

Sep 02, 2017
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Our Mother Who Art in Heaven

Now that I have your attention with the radically unusual title you see above, I want to assure you that no prayer within the corpus of Orthodox Christian…

Aug 15, 2017
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Scripture’s Most Valuable Secret

During one of our Wednesday morning Bible studies, our group tackled the famous verse John 3:16, which reads: “For God so loved the world that He gave…

Jan 29, 2017
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Holiday Feasting at God’s Table

How many of you recently have gone out to eat with your families? Holiday shoppers, especially on the weekends, will generally dine out because of the…

Dec 01, 2016
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The Nature of Hell from a Talking Skull

The question regarding the nature of hell was perhaps best answered in the Tradition of the Orthodox Church by the great elder St. Makarios of Egypt (300-391…

Nov 07, 2016
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The Resurrection IS the Lord!  

Χριστὸς ἀνέστη! Christ is risen! Natural catastrophes and personal tragedies, not uncommon in our complex and fallen world, are simultaneously…

May 15, 2016
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Intensity, Freedom, and Joy — A Lenten Message

”THE DIVINE SERVICES OF THE CHURCH are words in which we converse and speak to God with our worship and with our love. The hours spent closest to Paradise…

Mar 07, 2016
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Give God to One Another

  ”PRAYER is by its very nature a dialogue and a union with God. Its effect is to hold the world together and to achieve a reconciliation with God….

Feb 05, 2016
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Ch, Ch, Changes … for a Spiritual Renewal

  As we enter yet another new year of the Lord’s goodness, we hear from today’s Gospel pericope, on this Sunday after Epiphany, a message of personal…

Jan 07, 2016
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Ho, Ho, Holiness in the Simplicity and Purity of God

  “THINK of shepherds who are made wise, think of priests who teach, of women who are delighted, when Gabriel teaches Mary joy, when Elisabeth has…

Dec 01, 2015
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The Beauty of Diversity in Unity

Our primary goal at the  Orthodox Christian Network (OCN) is to share the truth of Orthodoxy with the world. Our secondary goal is to generate fruitful…

Nov 02, 2015