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Orthodox Culture

Dormition of the Mother of God Monastery, Rives Junction, Michigan

The following excerpts are from the book Atlas of American Orthodox Christian Monasteries, by Alexei Krindatch and is now available through Holy Cross…

Aug 17, 2016
Orthodox News

August 15 Services at Historic Site in Turkey are Rescheduled

The Feast of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary is one of the Twelve Great Feasts of the Orthodox Church and therefore one of the most celebrated feast days…

Aug 12, 2016
The Sounding

All we ask is for age appropriate behavior.

You might have heard that there are two kinds of prayer: Corporate Prayer and Personal Prayer. Corporate Prayer is when we are in services together, as…

Aug 09, 2016
Orthodox Culture

Inside the St. John of San Francisco Orthodox Monastery

The following information on the St. John of San Francisco Orthodox Monastery (OCA) in Manton, California is from the book Atlas of American Orthodox Christian…

Aug 09, 2016
The Sounding

Dad goes to Rio through the Generosity of Others

There is a Greek saying that is loosely translated as “Bean by bean, the bag fills up.” Its American equivalent could be “Every penny counts.”…

Aug 07, 2016
The Sounding

Waldo Has Made an Appearance in South Bend

I just read the best story! A new construction project across from Memorial Children’s Hospital in South Bend, Indiana has a surprise every morning for…

Jul 26, 2016

Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Ann Arbor

Online Broadcasting is part of our Saint Nicholas Ann Arbor Outreach Ministry and is dedicated to people who are unable to attend Church, to family members…

Jul 20, 2016
Orthodox News

Atlas of American Orthodox Monasteries Eases Your Pilgrimage Experience

There are many amazing things to see in the United States: national parks, art and history museums, scenic vacations spots and Orthodox monasteries.  Yes!…

Jul 18, 2016
Daily Bible Readings

God revealed them to babes

Listen to the Daily Reading for July 13, 2016, Stephen of Mar Sabbas Monastery. St. Paul’s Letter to the Hebrews 2:2-10 BRETHREN, if the message…

Jul 12, 2016
Orthodox News

UCLA Plans to Digitize Manuscripts from St. Catherine’s Monastery

There are some days I just love modern technology! I recently read an article by Michael Kozlowski in Good E Reader, titled “UCLA is Digitizing Ancient…

Jun 27, 2016
Orthodox News

Restoration of Holy Sepulcher has Begun

There are many historical and religious sites across the Middle East where Jesus walked when He was on earth. Two of the most famous are His tomb and where…

Jun 21, 2016
The Sounding

There Is Order Even Among Equals

News agencies, both secular and religious, have picked up coverage of the Holy and Great Council. One of the recent articles, Orthodox ‘Great Council’…

Jun 20, 2016