Celebrating St. Focas on a Tiny Greek Island

The following report and photographs were sent to us by a Facebook fan, an English woman who has converted to Orthodoxy and lives on the island of Crete.

On the recent feast day of Saint Focas, I took some photos of our special celebrations here. Our church dedicated to Saint Focas is on the island of Kolokithi, Elounda, Crete and the way we go to the church is by boat. The boat trip to the church is provided free of charge by the owner of the boat.

It was a very hot evening with very little shade near the church, so especially hot for the priests wearing their robes. Hundreds of people attend the evening service, but not so many in the morning as most people have to go to work.

It is a beautiful church. The evening service is conducted outside the church. In attendance was His Eminence Nektarios, Metropolitan of Petras and Hersonissos. A very special and blessed evening for all who attended.

The last photo I took as we approached the church on the boat this morning, a perfect start to a wonderful new day. I thank God each and every day for bringing me to this beautiful island.


Focas1 Focas3 Focas5 Focas6 Focas8 Focas2Focas7

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