Christian Rights and Freedom Symposium

Christian Rights and Freedom Symposium


In this episode of OCN Now, Fr. Christopher Metropulos interviews Fr. Philemon Patitsas, Pastor of St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church in Naples, FL about their “Christian Rights and Freedom Symposium” that will be held on March 14, 2015. Joining in the interview is Dr. Harry Dimopoulos, one of the co-chairs of the event. Dr. Dimopoulos explains how their parish decided, following their mortgage burning last year, that they needed a ministry focus moving forward into the future. The mission to defend Christian Rights and Freedom emerged as a central focus of their energy. In this podcast, they discuss how this Symposium will bring together a number of high-profile speakers who will highlight the plight of Christians in areas such as Turkey, as well as the Holy Land. The Symposium aims to organize efforts around a number of areas, such as preserving a Christian identity in these troubled lands, organizing Orthodox Christianity for success, and a focus on education. Listeners are urged to follow the contact information explained in the podcast for more information on this Symposium, or contact Carol Dimopoulos at 484-241-1577 or

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