DRE Releases New “Zine”: The Church: We Are One in Christ

DRE Releases New “Zine”: The Church: We Are One in Christ


A new “zine” from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Department of Religious Education (DRE) is here to help. This colorful mini-magazine, “The Church: We Are One in Christ,” focuses on basic aspects of the question, “What is the Church? What does it mean to say, we are the “One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church”?

The zine explores the Church’s roots, from its foundation by Christ through its journey to the United States with immigrants and missionaries. The engaging format is sure to appeal to high school students, but adults will find it an interesting read as well. A teacher’s guide is in preparation for parishes who plan to use the zine for church school or youth group activities.

This zine is the most recent addition to the DRE’s series of zines, offering units of study for use in parish religious education programs. Other zines focus on the Liturgy, Great Lent and Holy Week, an Introduction to the Bible, and the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

The zines have been distributed widely in parishes, placed at candle stands, mailed to parishioners, given to visitors.

The strength of “The Church: We Are One in Christ” lies in the opportunity it creates, notes Dr. Tony Vrame, Director of the DRE. “It provides an opportunity to reflect on how the Church is a community, a worshipping community, a community that serves, a community that bears witness and evangelizes.”

The new zine also touches on issues vital to the Church in America. As Dr. Vrame observes, “ The zine emphasizes that we are one faith, one church, and many cultures. This particular zine has an excellent focus on the ever expanding membership of the Church globally and culturally.”

To order copies of “The Church: We Are One in Christ” and other zines in this series, call 1-800-566-1088, or you can fax an order to 617-850-1489.

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