Dying for a Glass of Water

What are you doing to respond to the horror of Christian persecution that is now a daily reality? Every day that you wake up safe in your own home, too many people around the world are waking up to torture and death because they love the Lord Jesus Christ and are brave enough to say so.

If you do nothing else, can you remember these Christians as you go about the small, ordinary tasks of your day? Can you offer a prayer for the woman in this story the next time you fill a glass with water and take a drink?

Wilberforce: Blasphemy Laws Should Be Illegal​

Asia Bibi is languishing on death row in Pakistan. The reason: her Christian faith.

This tragic situation began in June 2009, when a Muslim woman working as a field laborer alongside Asia refused to touch the “unclean” water source from which Asia – a Christian – drank. This led to a verbal quarrel between the two women and subsequent allegations that Asia made blasphemous remarks against the Muslim prophet.

Today, Asia’s family is pleading for her life, saying she is so weak that she can no longer walk because of intestinal bleeding. In late June, as she marked six years in prison, her family called anew for this 50-year-old mother of five’s release.

Read the full story here and find out what four things you can do to help. #ReleaseAsiaBibi​

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