Entering the Arena–Great Lent Begins… Again!

I see Your Bridal Chamber adorned, O my Savior, and I have no wedding garment that I may enter therein. O Giver of Light, make radiant the garment of my soul, and save me.

It’s that time of year again that most of us fear and love at the same time. Great Lent! How we enter and participate in the first week of Lent is so important, for our struggles during Pure Week set the tone for our Lenten Journey. How can we best approach Pure Week and Great Lent in​general? Veronica has chosen selected paragraphs from ​”​Homily #1,​”​ The Art of Salvation, by Elder Ephraim of Arizona to answer this question and help us all prepare for entering the arena of Great Lent once again. We are called to imitate the harlot who wept upon the feet of Jesus in utter repentance, in order that we might receive the same forgiveness.

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