Executive Director’s Message, June 2013: Being Heard

Executive Director’s Message, June 2013: Being Heard


I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. 3 John 1:4

Dear Listeners and Supporters of the OCN,

I hope you had a blessed month of May as we bask in the radiance of the Lord’s Resurrection.  One of the main reasons “Come Receive the Light” and then the Orthodox Christian Network was founded was to assist people to walk in the truth of God’s revelation and to HEAR His Teachings.  Today, people around the world are finding the peace of God in what they hear on our many programs and affiliates.

Walking in truth is becoming harder and harder in a world that chooses to be not truly correct, but rather politically correct.  Everything now survives and thrives because it is relevant to changing societal values, not to the truth of who we are as people in the reflection of Holy Scripture and the Holy Fathers.  There is also such widespread distribution of gossip about so many people and so many things that finding the truth is becoming more and more difficult.

However, we do have many arrows in our quiver of faith to combat the false teachings swirling around us. The hymns being chanted at each service remind us of the splendor, the majesty, and the sheer power of the miraculous Resurrection of our Lord that changed humankind forever.  The renewing of our hearts daily usually comes from hearing these sacred hymns that speak volumes to us about our faith and our Lord’s love for us.  You can hear many of them on The Rudder at OCN. You can also come to us for more than 20 podcast channels that you and your family can draw on for age-appropriate teaching to support and strengthen your faith.

Hearing is the beginning of growing in the knowledge of Christ our Savior. In fact, the Theotokos, The Mother of Jesus, began a hearing ministry when she heard the call of the Archangel that she would bear a Son and he shall be called Emmanuel.  We are called today, my dear friends, in the midst of media and sound cacophony, to find His voice once again so that we might be fulfilled.

I believe God wants us to follow Him. This is why He sent His Son, the prophets, and the saints throughout the centuries.  There are many dissonant voices in the world we live in, and we are called as Orthodox Christians to have the spirit of discernment, to separate the true voice from the crooked voice, and then to follow the truth with all our might and strength.

You may say to yourself, Father Chris, I hear you, but how I am to know what is correct when everything is being portrayed as relevant truth?  Well, my dear faithful person, immerse yourself in the teaching of the faith, and you will know without a doubt what is right from wrong. Ask yourself if the voice you hear does good or harm. Does it build others up or reduce them to dust? Remember that God, our Creator, gave us a great gift, which is our conscience.  Listen to it and learn.

I look forward to sharing this month’s programming with you, and I trust that it will help us learn to listen more closely to one another, and to God’s voice within us and around us. Let me know your thoughts. Send me your questions, and I will do my best to answer them.

In the Risen Lord,

Fr. Chris

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Fr. Chris Metropulos

Shaped by a life of service to Christ’s Church, Fr. Christopher has dedicated himself to using all the tools God has placed at his disposal to spread the light of Orthodoxy across America. As Founding Father and host of the Orthodox Christian Network (OCN) and the “Come Receive The Light” national Orthodox Christian radio program, he shepherds a dynamic and rapidly expanding ministry bringing joy, hope, and salvation in Jesus Christ to millions of listeners on Internet and land-based radio around the world in more than 130 countries. Fr. Christopher lives in Brookline, MA and is the President of Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology.