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Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church is a fantastic eclectic mix of people whose unique stories brought them through our doors. It is a great sized church, not too big where you feel lost in the sea of faces, but also not so small that there is little variety in the regular attendance. It is a mix of converts and cradle Orthodox believers with a priest who is also a marriage and family therapist, and with a large dose of energetic children of many ages. This church is very kid friendly, and we adore our children.

I started attending Holy Apostles about 4 years ago with my husband. We were not settled in a spiritual home and hadn’t been for a while. Attending a church was important to us, but for whatever reason, we hadn’t found a place that felt like home, a place to stake our roots and grow into a community. What we found at Holy Apostles was a community, not a community where everyone is the same and that works like a well-oiled machine (for we all know that these places rarely are as perfect as they appear), but rather a community of real people who were trying with their hearts to live as authentically as they could in their Orthodox faith. Parents, doctors, teachers, and a gambit of people in between all trying together to work out our faith in love.

I currently am in the process of growing my first child, but I feel like, at this church, I have many children. After church, our halls teem with laughter, food, conversation, and many little ones of all ages running around together playing. All generations interact together to form connections in a friendship that is a thing of beauty to get to be a part of.

I cannot say that our church is unique, but I do know that Holy Apostles has been one of the things that I hold in highest value in my life. I look forward to raising my child as part of this community, in a place that is, at its core, living out of love. It is a place where I know that my child will feel safe, accepted, and adored as well as learning to love and serve God. It has become my home, my community, and my place of spiritual growth, and I thank God for it often.

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