James Towey – What Mother Teresa Taught Me About Faith-Based Initiatives and the Power of the Poor

On January 14, 2016, the Christian Rights and Freedom Institute founded by St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church in Naples FL hosted James Towey, President of Ave Maria University in an important speech highlighting his experiences as a personal friend of Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Christian Rights and Freedom Institute LogoIn his speech titled, ‘What Mother Teresa Taught Me About Faith-Based Initiatives and the Power of the Poor’, Mr. Towey discussed “how people of faith are able to impact lives in ways that government cannot, and how Mother Teresa’s ecumenical work was transformative in the lives of those she served”.
The Christian Rights and Freedom Institute’s mission is “Witnessing our Faith by Peacefully Uplifting Christ”, noted Dr. Harry Dimopoulos, Chairman of the organization.  “Mr. Towey’s speech reminds us of the forces of Good and how, together, we can have a vast impact by serving the poor”.

Fr. Philemon offered the opening prayer, and Dr. Harry Dimopoulos introduced the Christian Rights and Freedom Institute’s guest speaker for the evening, President Jim Towey.

“President Towey made reference to, “The Parable of the rich man and Lazarus” (Luke 16:19-31), noted Father Philemon.  Moreover, he noted “in sharing his understanding from his time with Mother Teresa that, “It is the poor who hold the keys to the Kingdom of God, not the rich.  It is the opportunities that God offers us to recognize and serve the poor and desperate Lazaruses of this world, and to see Christ in their faces, that make it possible for the rich to be saved.  Mother Teresa saw Christ in the faces of every person that she met, especially the poorest of the poor.”

President Towey commented, “There are two types of people in this world.  Those who go through life mistakenly believing they are doing God a tremendous favor every time they do something good; and those who are truly righteous who journey through life realizing in every moment of every day that God has given them His immeasurable gift of salvation for which they are forever indebted; their gracious responsiveness (Philotimo) is continually expressed and offered in recognition of this truth.”

Mr. Towey’s unique insights stemmed from his personal friendship with Mother Teresa of Calcutta from 1985-1997 where he “served as legal counsel to her and the religious congregation of nuns she established, and lived for a year in her home for people with AIDs in Washington D.C.”, notes a Christian Rights and Freedom program briefing.

The Mother Teresa Project that Mr. Towey founded at Ave Maria University is “the only Calcutta-approved initiative in the United States and inspires hundred of Ave Maria students each year to serve the poor in a neighboring farm worker community as well as in missions in India, Haiti, Mexico and elsewhere”.

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About H. James Towey, President of Ave Maria University

Mr. Towey’s impressive background includes serving “in the White House for 4 (four) years as Assistant to United States President George W. Bush as Director of Faith-based initiatives.  He also founded the national non-profit organization, “Aging with Dignity” and created the Five Wishes living will that has sold more than 20 million copies.  To learn more about Mr. Towey, please click here.

About Ave Maria University 

Ave Maria University is a Catholic, liberal arts institution of higher learning devoted to Mary the Mother of God, inspired by St. John Paul II and Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, and dedicated to the formation of joyful, intentional followers of Jesus Christ through Word and Sacrament, scholarship and service.  Ave Maria University is a vibrant University located in beautiful Southwest Florida. It is an academic institution that pledges faithfulness to the teachings of the Catholic Church and is committed to offering one of the finest classical liberal arts curricula available, as well as opportunities for specialized study in all of the sciences and humanities.  Tom Monaghan, Ave Maria’s founder, started Domino’s Pizza in 1960.  To learn more about Ave Maria University, click here.

About the Christian Rights and Freedom Institut

To learn about the Christian Rights & Freedom Institute 2015 / 2016 program, please click here.

The 2nd Annual National Christian Rights and Freedom Symposium will take place from March 10-13, 2016, hosted by the Christian Rights and Freedom Institute at St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church in Naples, FL.

The Symposium will feature the Honorable Jay Sekulow, Founder of the American Center of Law and Justice (ACLJ), as the Keynote Speaker on March 12, together with His Eminence Metropolitan Alexios of Atlanta. Click here to register.

On Saturday, March 14, 2015, St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church in Naples Florida and the South Florida Archons hosted its first annual National Christian Rights and Freedom Symposium – ‘Uplifting Christ and Witnessing for our Faith in the Face of Radical Extremism.

The First Annual National Christian Rights & Freedom Symposium featured several prominent speakers including Dr. Anthony Limberakis, National Commander and Archon of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Rev. Father Fouad Saba, Dean of the St. George Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral (Coral Gables, FL), Father Philemon Patitsas, Presiding Priest of the St. Katherine Greek orthodox Church (Naples, FL), John Scurtis, Regional Commander and Archon, Harry Demas, Archon, and Dr. Harry Dimopoulos, Chairman of the Christian Rights and Freedom Institute.

The Christian Rights and Freedom Institute’s leadership includes Dr. Harry Dimopoulos, Chairman, Father Philemon Patitsas, Presiding Priest, and His Eminence Metropolitan Alexios, Presiding Hierarch.

To learn about the Christian Rights & Freedom Institute, please visit http://stkatherine.net.

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