The Gospel of Matthew, Part 30

Matthew 13:33 – 45

Parables of the Leaven, Hidden Treasure, and the Pear of Great Price

To illustrate and make things familiar to his listeners, Christ drew from the scenes and activities of everyday life.

The transforming power of leaven: Leaven is like yeast. It can be seen working yet unseen working as well.

The comparison Christ makes between the Kingdom of God and leaven is to provide a certain shock. This shock was used to evoke interest and attention.

More importantly, the point and purpose of the leaven is not to convert the whole world, but that the whole world would be reached in the “transforming power of the leaven.”

“The introduction of the leaven causes a transformation in the dough; and the coming of the Kingdom causes a transformation in life.”

“Sold absolutely everything he had”

The reason for giving up all possessions and selling them comes from the joy we receive from our discovery.

“Joy is the engine of change!”

“In the parables he (Matthew) represents (the kingdom) as of great value in itself and of great advantage to those who embrace it.”

We cannot compare occurrences with yesterday, last month, or last year, but look at the whole picture. We must count our blessings through our entire life. If we do, then we see a steady progress of the Kingdom.

However we discover the will of God, it is worth anything and everything to accept it.


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