I Too Am A Nazarene

I Too Am A Nazarene


When you hear about the terrible persecution of Christians in the Middle East, do you wish you could do something help them? St. Katherine’s Greek Orthodox Church in Florida is offering a small way to support the persecuted: beautiful red and gold pins emblazoned with the Arabic letter “N” – painted by ISIS/ISIL to target the homes of Christians for expulsion and obliteration. The symbol “N” stands for ‘Nazarene’ signifying that its residents are followers of Jesus of Nazareth. The pins bear the statement “I Too am a Nazarene” in solidarity with suffering Christians throughout the world, who have been targeted by Muslim Extremist.

All proceeds from pin sales will be directed to the International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) Middle East Fund to aid these suffering people.
​Why are people buying the pins? In their own words:

Unlike the Quran which promises eternal life to those who persecute Christians, Jesus Christ is calling us in His Gospel of mercy and love (see Matthew 25: 31-44) to co-suffer with the hungry, the thirsty, the naked, the estranged, the sick and imprisoned. He is telling us that if we do this to the least of people in the world, whom He identifies as His brethren, we are doing this even to Him, and that we will become inheritors of His eternal kingdom. Sponsoring the wearing of the Nazarene pin identifies ourselves as co-sufferers with Jesus and His people, even those abandoned Christians of the Middle East who have been earmarked for ruthless persecution and destruction by those who are striving to permanently extinguish the light and life of Jesus Christ, the God-Man of sorrow and love, from their ancient Christian homelands.

​I think the pin represents courage. I pray that God would give me the courage and strength to stand up and say “I Too am a follower of Jesus” even if it meant my death, just as those persecuted are dying for their faith in the Middle East. Although this mission is small, I pray that we can assist those that are suffering to some extent​. It is just so horrific.​

​The pin gives me some attachment to those persecuted. Wearing it connects me to the unfortunate Christians and others.​

​​The word​s​ “I Too am a Nazarene” identifies me as a follower of our Lord, Jesus Christ and pray that I would have the courage to say it openly without fear, even if I were in the hands of the present I​SIS.​

​​​I want to show my love and brotherhood with the persecuted Christians in the Middle East, by proudly wearing the pin. I enjoy when people ask me what it is. I explain with affection. It is also a small way by which we can financially help. It is a good, Christian feeling.​

​​​​Listening to the news and seeing the television coverage of the horrific treatment of fellow Christian​s breaks my heart. By wearing “I too am a Nazarene” pin in support of them is only a small way to show my love and support. Promoting Christianity throughout our country is how we can eliminate these terrible events that are taking place. I am very proud to wear this pin and hope that many will join our cause.​

​​​​​History is repeating itself with the Islamic Extremists through their acts of terror in the ​Middle ​East, and now spreading throughout the world. Christians are under attack in a horrific fashion and threats are now in our daily news. As Christians, we must support those under persecution through a grass roots effort of solidarity and action. Wearing the “I too am a Nazarene” pin is one such step that I hope spreads throughout the USA and world. Through our support, this ground swell must put political pressure to stop this radical movement. Please show your support and wear this pin. It’s a small step.​

​​​​In all my life I have never heard of such cruelty and atrocities as those committed on people by IS​IS and the like. In contrast I have been blessed with beauty, peace, and love in abundance all of my life. My heart has gone out to them but with a helplessness to help them. Now, through the IOCC is an opportunity to help and no matter how small I feel we must make the effort.​ M​ay God bless our efforts.​

​​​I wear my pin over my heart to remind me daily of the suffering & heartbreak of the victims, and also of the love Orthodox Christians – and indeed, anyone who wears the pin–has shown for them. May the Lord have Mercy on them.​

​​​​That I am a follower of Jesus, and proud of it —wearing the pin promotes my views​. That our blessings we received as Americans would extend to all Christians​. That helping the children of Jesus would help all Christians​. Our job is to help our brothers on this earth. Let’s ban together and DO IT!​

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