OCN Buttons for Your Parish Website

Many people have asked us to provide an “OCN Resources.”  Here are materials that can be displayed on bulletin boards, weekly parish bulletin, Parish websites, links for your parishioners to OCN Media Ministry Ministry.  Here are directions – and buttons!  – for your use.


Sunday Jan 15th, 2017 is recognized as OCN’s Sunday: Share the Light Sunday.  ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN NETWORK IS A NON-PROFIT ORTHODOX ORGANIZATION THAT WAS COMMISSIONED TO COMFORT, INSPIRE, AND INFORM ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS AND SEEKERS AROUND THE WORLD USING MEDIA MINISTRY.  MyOCN is YourOCN share your Orthodox story with our team http://myocn.net/submit-myocn-story/


  1. Click HERE to download our printable brochure.
  2. Click HERE to download printable OCN Flyer (standard size paper)
  3. Click HERE to share VIDEO ABOUT OCN http://myocn.net/home/about/
  4. Click HERE to learn more on how to Download OCN’s Orthodox Mobile App Suite.
  5. Click HERE to learn how to Submit MYOCN Story

How to put up a BUTTON linked to the OCN Website:

  1.  Right click the desired button or picture on this page and select “Save image as” to download our Button JPEG files.  We offer different sizes depending on what you are looking for in your community.  We invite you to include it in the middle of the content, while the other files that is more of a square shape is perfect for the side columns on your respective websites.
  2. Attach the chosen picture to the URL, http://myocn.net on your website.

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Contact Us: 954-522-5567

Mailing Address:  PO Box 4690 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33338-4690

Email:  info@myocn.net