The Sounding

“The Sounding” was named for the nautical practice of measuring the depth of water with a sounding line, a rope with a weight attached to it and units of measure marked off along the line. The rope was lowered over the side of a ship, born down into the water by the weight, and when the weight came to rest, the measurement was taken by the markings on the rope. The purpose of “The Sounding” is to probe the heights and depths of our human experience and take their measure. Our mission is to support the well-being of our readers by providing well-written, positive, and thought-provoking Orthodox content and fostering discussion of its application to life.

God’s Creed – “I Believe in Man”

”At a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. That’s the world’s…

Sep 01, 2015

Icons, the Sign of the Cross, and Tradition in Orthodoxy

People who are not familiar with Orthodox Christianity may ask why we kiss icons, make the sign of the cross, or follow Tradition. Such questions can…

Aug 31, 2015

In the Image of God

This adorable 5-year-old is making the rounds on social media after his mom, Sarah Bromby, filmed his reaction to the news that she is pregnant. She offers…

Aug 31, 2015

Preaching in Hell, Part 3: The Missionary’s UnChristian Death

Last time, I introduced Shepherd Book from the TV series Firefly and its sequels in the comic books and film Serenity. I showed his arrival as a missionary…

Aug 31, 2015

VIDEO: What Do You Mean, ‘Pray to the Saints?’

“Wait . . . you pray to saints?!” I remember someone asking me something similar after my conversion to Orthodoxy. I tried to explain but they…

Aug 31, 2015

VIDEO: An Introduction to the Orthodox Worship Space

Orthodoxy looks different than Western Christianity. Literally. The degree to which it looks different depends on the Western Christian tradition it…

Aug 29, 2015

Right and Wrong

“Words mean things.”  This is a phrase that one of my teachers branded onto my brain.  “Words mean things.”  And yet today, words seem disposable,…

Aug 27, 2015

ICON: Theotokos, Joy of All Who Sorrow

Inspired by the documentary, PISTEVO, the Orthodox Christian Network will be featuring iconography and the Saints of the Orthodox Church.  Iconography,…

Aug 27, 2015

What are Christians Doing Today in the Holy Land?

It is four in the morning, and while everyone else is trying to get a good night’s sleep, Orthodox Christians from all corners of the Holy Land collect…

Aug 25, 2015

Video about Monasteries in Romania

Have you ever wondered why people become monks and nuns? In her graduation film from Coventry University, Brindusa Ioana Nastasa (Grapefruit Productions)…

Aug 25, 2015

The Chalice of Non-Intoxication

Inspired by the documentary, PISTEVO, the Orthodox Christian Network will be featuring iconography and the Saints of the Orthodox Church.  Iconography,…

Aug 25, 2015

Beginning to Pray with Metropolitan Bloom and The Little Prince

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince has long been one of my favorite books. If you are unfamiliar with this modern classic, it is a fable about…

Aug 25, 2015

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