The Sounding Blog

“The Sounding” was named for the nautical practice of measuring the depth of water with a sounding line, a rope with a weight attached to it and units of measure marked off along the line. The rope was lowered over the side of a ship, born down into the water by the weight, and when the weight came to rest, the measurement was taken by the markings on the rope. The purpose of “The Sounding” is to probe the heights and depths of our human experience and take their measure. Our mission is to support the well-being of our readers by providing well-written, positive, and thought-provoking Orthodox content and fostering discussion of its application to life.

The Value of Slowing Down and Listening

Those who know me will realize this is from almost 20 years ago, but I read it from time to time, so I am reminded of the lesson I learned back then. I…

Jan 02, 2017

Celebrating the Theotokos Throughout the Calendar Year

When I was growing up, I never really gave Mary, the mother of Jesus, much thought, except at Christmas. We were a church-going family, and our church…

Dec 28, 2016

A Christmas Mash of Culture and Faith

Are you still enjoying the Nativity Season? They may have stopped playing Christmas music on the radio, but we haven’t. Here is a lovely rendition of…

Dec 27, 2016

Is Love a Gift or Re-Gift?

Do you re-gift? Some say it’s tacky to re-gift because a gift is a personal expression of friendship or love and shouldn’t be second-hand. Others…

Dec 26, 2016

Archangel Gabriel and the Birth of Christ

No angel figures more prominently in the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ than the Archangel Gabriel. The name Gabriel in Hebrew means “Man of God”….

Dec 21, 2016

An Orthodox Education

“You sing this one.” The head chanter points at me. I’ve been at my parish assignment for a few months. At seminary, I’m taking my first semester…

Dec 19, 2016

Faith and Personal Finance: Crossing the Christmas Finish Line

Do the holidays make you feel like you’re running a marathon, and January 1st is the finish line? You approach it exhausted, spent, out of gas. Come…

Dec 13, 2016

Christmas and the Celebration of Life

Is there a more thrilling time of year than Advent? It always seems a little easier to smile during the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. There’s…

Dec 11, 2016

Celebrating St. Nicholas: When Santa Went to Jail

The Nativity Fast has begun, and Christmas is just around the corner. Trees are soon to be decorated. Children around the world will make lists, check…

Dec 07, 2016

It’s the Father’s Good Pleasure to Give You the Kingdom

Sometimes in discussions with young people, I ask them this question: “If you were to die now, would you go to Heaven or Hell?” To my surprise, a large…

Dec 04, 2016

Holiday Feasting at God’s Table

How many of you recently have gone out to eat with your families? Holiday shoppers, especially on the weekends, will generally dine out because of the…

Dec 01, 2016

The Time for Orthodoxy in America?

Circles of young women crying on one another’s shoulders—you’ve seen the pictures. As if a Tsunami had just struck the coast and wiped away…

Nov 28, 2016