Come Receive the Light

Come Receive the Light was the first OCN program, and it remains the network’s flagship. Hosted by OCN’s Founding Father and President of Hellenic College Holy Cross School of Theology, Rev. Dr. Christopher T. Metropulos, the program tackles a variety of topics and perspectives on Orthodox and secular life, featuring interviews with guests from every jurisdiction and all walks of life. Come Receive the Light is best known and loved for its accessible, conversational style and inspiring outlook.

Growing the Body of Christ

Today’s show is a full one with three wonderful interviews. Listen Now.  Our first interview is with author, designer and photographer Panos Fiorentinos….

May 08, 2017

On Cultivating a Spiritual Life and the Gospels

What does it mean to clothe the poor and feed the hungry in our daily lives? Our first interview is with Fr. Chris and Fr. Thomas Moore, OCN’s Hero…

Apr 29, 2017

In Times of War and Loss

In big and small ways God uses us all to share His love with others. Our first interview with Father Thaddeus Werner tells his path to becoming a Chaplain…

Apr 21, 2017

When I will Become a Human Being Radio Interview

Holy Week is the most important week for our Orthodox Faith.  As we focus on Christ’s Death and Resurrection have you ever wondered the meaning of Christ’s…

Apr 18, 2017

On Family Finances and a Greek Film – Worlds Apart

Do you have the full picture of your family’s financial health? Do you and your spouse work together on finances or does one of you bear the brunt…

Apr 07, 2017

Miracles, Faith and Discernment

Are you missing what God is doing in your life?  Listen now to the final installment of our conversation on being a Christian. Today our discussion with…

Mar 25, 2017

What it Means to be a Christian?

In our final conversation of the mini series on what it means to be a Christian, Fr. Chris Metropulos talks with His Excellency Kallistos Ware, an English…

Mar 19, 2017

Knowing God – Perspectives from Other Christian Denominations

You are LISTENING to a new mini series on different perspectives of what it means to be a Christian from other Christian denominations. Our guest for…

Mar 15, 2017

Who is Jesus of Nazareth?

We begin with a conversation about what it means to be a follower of Christ, who is Christ, what do we know about him with Fr. James Martin. Fr. Chris…

Mar 08, 2017

The Way Back – IOCC’s Relief to Syria and On Being Engulfed by Suicidal Tendencies

With over 6 million people displaced within Syria, the growing hardships of people are being alleviated by International Orthodox Christian Charities…

Feb 27, 2017

Of Heaven and Earth, Come Receive the Light Radio Interview

Can we create heaven here on earth?  Anxiety and depression are built in alarm systems that something in our core is not ok, says Presvytera Julie Honeycutt,…

Feb 18, 2017

And the Light shines in the Darkness: Come Receive the Light Radio Interview

Listen to this moving conversation between Fr. Chris Metropulos and Sandra Anderson about the Hogar Rafael Ayau Orphanage in Guatemala.  Sandra has…

Feb 10, 2017