Come Receive the Light

Come Receive the Light was the first OCN program, and it remains the network’s flagship. Hosted by OCN’s Founding Father and President of Hellenic College Holy Cross School of Theology, Rev. Dr. Christopher T. Metropulos, the program tackles a variety of topics and perspectives on Orthodox and secular life, featuring interviews with guests from every jurisdiction and all walks of life. Come Receive the Light is best known and loved for its accessible, conversational style and inspiring outlook.

The Study of Christ and the Glory of the Cross

Listen as Fr. Chris speaks from James L. Kelley about his book “A Realism of Glory: Lectures on Christology in the Works of Protopresbyter John Romanides”…

Sep 16, 2016

Sacred Space and Pan-Orthodox Studies

There is something about Liturgical Architecture that touches your soul when you first step into an Orthodox Church. Whether it’s the awe of the…

Sep 10, 2016

Are You Listening… Part 2

Listen to the second part of a conversation with Fr. Chris and Dr. Ary Christofidis of the Orthodox Christian Counseling Institute. Last week, they discussed…

Sep 02, 2016

Are You Listening or Reacting?

Listening.  Who does it anymore?  Tune in this week to hear the first part of Fr. Chris’ talk with Dr. Ary Christofidis of the Orthodox Christian…

Aug 25, 2016

Sexuality in Marriage

Have we lost the sanctity of sexuality?  Listen as Fr. Chris talks with Fr. Sergei Sveshnikov about his book There Is No Sex in the Church.  This is…

Aug 18, 2016

Becoming Who God Calls Us to Be.

This week on CRTL, we cover two important topics: the Church’s understanding of manhood and the veneration of the Theotokos, the Virgin Mary and Mother…

Aug 12, 2016

Seven Ways to Answer, “What is Orthodoxy?”

In this edition of CRTL, listen as Fr. Chris speaks with Dr. Anton Vrame, the Department of Religious Education for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America….

Aug 06, 2016

Children and Violence

Are girls becoming more violent and greater risk takers than boys? What is causing this growing trend? We’ve invited Dr. Lynn Ponton to speak with Fr….

Jul 29, 2016

Marriage, Infertility and OCAMPR

This week on CRTL, we have three guests.  We open the program with a conversation between our guest host Fr. Steven Ritter and Rev. Dr. Christopher Flesoras,…

Jul 24, 2016

The Sacraments Reveal that Christianity is a Lifestyle Not a Philosophy.

What are the sacraments of the Church?  In this episode of CRTL, we have a conversation between Fr. Chris and Fr. Peter Galadza, Kule Family Professor…

Jul 15, 2016

Healing after Violence and Personal Struggles.

Listen to an archived conversation between our guest host Fr. Steven Ritter and Dr. Albert Rossi as they discuss internet pornography, the havoc it creates,…

Jul 09, 2016

There are Many Journeys

Listen to this archived interview by Fr. Chris and Emmy with Bruce Feiler, the author of  Walking the Bible: A Journey by Land Through the Five Books…

Jul 01, 2016