Orthodox Life with Fr. Jason Roll

Orthodox Life with Fr Jason Roll is a casual, catechetical show targeted at Orthodox young adults and emerging leaders, aimed at discussing contemporary moral issues in addition to teachings of the faith. Listeners are encouraged to submit questions and areas of struggle to be discussed in future shows. Send Fr. Jason email at olwfj@myocn.net.

Be Giving

In this Episode, we discuss how to consider someone who is less fortunate asking us for money on the street. Do we ignore them and assume they are going…

Jun 02, 2014

The Selfless Selfie

In this episode, we challenge ourselves to analyze the real reasons we post pictures of ourselves and others. Are we posting this picture for fun or for…

May 18, 2014

Bright Week

In this episode, Fr. Jason discusses the conclusion of our Lenten journey and the significance of Bright Week. He challenges us to not just abandon the…

Apr 20, 2014

What is Orthodox life?

“What is Orthodox Life?” – a difficult question with an answer that has many layers.  In this episode, we discuss a foundational answer…

Apr 06, 2014
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