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Led by the Spirit

No Excuse

Listen as Fr. Michael discusses the notion of personal sovereignty. ABOUT FATHER MICHAEL MARCANTONI Fr. Michael Marcantoni is the priest at the Greek…

Jul 06, 2017
Pemptousia Partnership

Abbot Damascene: My relationship with Father Seraphim Rose

In the first of six parts of his interview to Pemptousia, archimandrite Damascene, Abbot of St Herman’s of Alaska monastery in California, is talking…

Jul 03, 2017
Pemptousia Partnership

The Spiritual Heart

Fr Zacharias from Holy Monastery of John the Forerunner, Essex, England, speaks on the nature of what Church Fathers call as Spiritual Heart. Source:…

Jun 21, 2017
Listen, Watch

The Best Music at Your Finger Tips: Hymns of the Holy Spirit

Watch and Listen to Orthodox hymns of the Holy Spirit, the Doxastikon of Pentecost,  “Heavenly King” by Presvytera Katerina Sitaras Makiej…

Jun 05, 2017
Pemptousia Partnership

‘Your good Spirit’, tone 1

A choir of chanters under the direction of the Archon Protopsaltis of the Great Church of Christ, Panayiotis Neohoritis, interprets the Communion Hymn…

Jun 05, 2017
Feast of Healthy Thoughts

The Feast of Pentecost

During the Feast of the Tabernacles the Holy Spirit came down on the Apostles of Jesus Christ according to his promise. The Spirit appeared on them in…

May 30, 2017
Pemptousia Partnership

Klaus Kenneth “Orthodoxy as revelation and life”

Klaus Kenneth, author and musician, in his interview in Pemptousia talks about the Orthodoxy as revelation and life. Source:    …

May 27, 2017
Feast of Healthy Thoughts

The Coming of the Holy Spirit

Watch Now as Dr. Kyriaki Karidoyanes FitzGerald speaks of the descent of Holy Spirit at the Feast of Pentecost, following the Feast of Ascension of our…

May 24, 2017
Feast of Healthy Thoughts

Theology of Compassion

Watch Now as Dr. Kyriaki Karidoyanes FitzGerald and Dr. Helen Theodoropulos speak on Women, Healing, Authority and Ministry in a seminar organized by St….

May 16, 2017
Adult Study Classes

Woundedness: Our Source of Pain, Brokenness, and Strength – Adult Education Classes

Modern Trials to Our Ancient Faith: The Challenges to Living Orthodoxy in America Woundedness: Our Source of Pain, Brokenness, and Strength        …

May 16, 2017
Christ in You

He Will Meet You in Your Desert

When life gets difficult; when faith seems to dry up; when we lose hope…..Jesus is still there. There is never a circumstance in your life that will…

May 13, 2017
Feast of Healthy Thoughts

Christian Unity and Individualism in the Modern Society

We went from being a communal society to becoming an individualistic society. The art of listening and the art of conversation are soon becoming obsolete…

May 09, 2017