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Epiphany in Tarpon Springs

    The Feast of Epiphany is one of the 12 major feast days of the Orthodox calendar.  It is often celebrated around the world with the blessing…

Dec 30, 2015
Good News for a Change

Sunday’s Gospel: December 20, 2015

    In his sermon on the Gospel, Fr. Lazarakis reflects on the Light of Christ this Christmas.  After seeing The Force Awakens this holiday,…

Dec 30, 2015
Be Renewed in Christ

Sunday’s Gospel: Martyrs for Christ

  MARTYRS FOR CHRIST Sunday after Christmas Webster 2015   70 Million Christian Martyrs! 70 Million people, since the birth of Christ, have been…

Dec 30, 2015
Be Transfigured

Two Ways of Responding to the Good News

Be Transfigured – Two Ways of Responding to the Good News When we hear the Good News of Christmas, we get to choose how we respond. We can respond as…

Dec 29, 2015
Be Transfigured

Christmas Has to Mean Something

Be Transfigured – Christmas Has to Mean Something More than half of all Americans consider Christmas a “cultural experience” rather than a religious…

Dec 28, 2015
Be Renewed in Christ

Good News of Great Joy for Challenging Times

    GOOD NEWS OF GREAT JOY FOR CHALLENGING TIMES Christmas 2015 – Webster, MA   God Rest ye merry gentlemen let nothing you dismay,…

Dec 28, 2015
Walking in Faith

Changing Your World, Part 4: Sharing God with Your World

We are living in difficult days.  If we aren’t careful, we can let the fear and anxiety from the outside affect us inside.  But God doesn’t want…

Dec 28, 2015
OCN Responds

Have you Ever Googled: The Story of the Nativity

Google:  The Story of the Nativity.  This is the way some digital natives understand the Story of the Nativity. The Orthodox Christian Network (OCN)…

Dec 23, 2015
Be Transfigured

The Story of the Savior

Be Transfigured – The Story of the Savior When most people read the Old Testament, they read with the belief they are reading about the saved people…

Dec 22, 2015
Walking in Faith

Changing Your World, Part 3: Loving Your World

We all have someone who accepted us into their influence and gave us encouragement, respect, hope.  It is now our turn to accept new people into our circle…

Dec 21, 2015
This Week in Orthodoxy

This Week in Orthodoxy: December 18, 2015

  Welcome to “This Week in Orthodoxy”, the world’s only online video newscast focused on events in the life of the Orthodox Church.   I’m…

Dec 19, 2015
LIVE Bible Study

Missed Bible Study? – Session 40 Archive – The Book of Acts

Missed Bible Study This Week? Watch the Session 40 Archive of the LIVE Bible Study- The Church of the Holy Apostles – The Book of Acts With Fr. Athanasios…

Dec 17, 2015