The Orthodox Church in Russia

Our program begins with a brief conversation with Dr. David Ford, who continues his series on married saints with the story of Saint Angelis the Goldsmith. His story from centuries ago is remarkably like that of Christians today who are persecuted by Muslims. Fr. Chris and Dr. Ford also reflect on martyrdom as a component of marriage. Click to obtain a copy of Dr. Ford’s book, Marriage as a Path to Holiness: Lives of Married Saints.

We hear next from Professor Nicolai Petro, who discusses the flourishing growth of the Orthodox Church in Russia. He explains the outlook and efforts of Patriach Kirill and how his stands on, for example, abortion, homosexuality, and nationalism, are influencing the culture of Russia as a whole. The Orthodox Church in Russia has a strong and complex relationship with the Russian government. Patriarch Kirill believes a strong church makes a strong Russia, and Professor Petro talks about how the Patriarch is working toward that goal.

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