Stephan Robinson and the Three Wise Men

Stephan Robinson and the Three Wise Men


In this episode, Chris Vlahonasios interviews Orthodox filmmaker Stephan Robinson, whose short video pitching a film about the Three Wise Men is currently in an online contest. Stephan Robinson’s pitch presents that story in a “reboot” format, retelling it as a search that three computers coders are making, searching for a mysterious rebel leader in a dystopian futuristic world. Even so, Robinson stays faithful to the core points of the story as he seeks to make the message of Jesus, who led a rebellion of love against the powers of his day. Listeners can learn more about the film and learn how they can vote and support the Orthodox artists involved in this venture. The Deadline for voting is October 27!

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The Moving Icon is hosted by Chris Vlahonasios, media writer and founder of the Orthodox Filmmakers & Artists blog. This series discusses issues relating to media, social trends, the arts, and all aspects of human expression and creativity from an Orthodox perspective. Chris also interviews various Orthodox artists about their work, inspiration, and Faith. The show’s title refers to the fact that we are all living icons of God, in His image and likeness. As images of God, we are capable of creating and appearing in all artistic works, such as film and photography. And have you ever noticed when the flame of a vigil lamp flickers the image appears to move, as if alive?