Support OCN at this Holy Season

“… the darkness is passing away, and the true light is already shining.”
St. John’s First Universal Letter 2:8

During this sacred season of Lent, we are invited to participate in Christ’s suffering and Resurrection. This year, many of us are wondering how much more suffering we can handle. We’re faced with our personal struggles, and feel bombarded by global conflicts and a seemingly endless stream of natural disasters. While we might feel that the darkness in this world is growing, we can take heart in John’s promise that the darkness is, in fact, passing away.

So why does it seem like things are getting so much worse? Maybe it’s because we pay attention to things intended to create fear, encourage immoral behavior, and generally pull our focus into immediate gratification.

This Lent, we invite you to spend more time and more attention on things that will lead you towards Christ’s true light. Attend extra services and volunteer in your area. And during the many hours when you can’t be physically in Church or in service, continue turning towards Christ at That doesn’t only mean listening to Church music or theological interviews. With our new site and programming, you can:

* watch our weekly Orthodox news show – the only one in the world!
* connect with other Orthodox on OCN’s blog, and our Twitter and Facebook accounts
* stay up-to-date on new books, major events & important non-profit ministries

OCN is working harder than ever to build partnerships with other agencies across jurisdictional lines so that we can offer you an incredible range of voices and perspectives on all the issues that matter most to you. But this work takes the latest technology, paid marketing to spread the word, and the attentive work of our dedicated staff. Won’t you help us spread Christ’s Word even further this year by making a contribution today?

Thank you for all the work you’ve allowed us to do in the past. We pray you’ll partner with us again this year when so many people need to hear the uplifting and healing message of Christ more than ever.


Across the world, Christians are suffering for their faith. Attacked by ISIS and harangued by extremism, Christianity is in danger of being eradicated in the lands of its birth. Yet very few people in the West seem to care — or even know!

That’s why we at OCN believe it’s time to speak out. We’ve covered this issue for a long time, but want to dedicate even more resources to raising awareness and spurring action, using our massive social media following. We reach MILLIONS of people per week, and it’s time for collective action.

Please support this effort by giving to our “10 cent per day” campaign. 100% of your gift will go directly to expanding this ministry, 0% to overhead. Together, we can and will make a difference!

— Fr. Christopher T. Metropulos, OCN Executive Director

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