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Family Camp for Special Needs

Once again the Diakonia Retreat Center in South Carolina will ring with the laughter of children and their families as the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of…

Apr 03, 2016
The Sounding Blog

Finding Blessings Outside of Normal

    A year ago we “lost” our second baby – in the womb. “She” (we believe the baby was a girl) was with me physically for 2 ½ months….

Jan 23, 2016
The Sounding Blog

Yes Melanie, There Is a Santa Claus

  As a child I remember him – the warm, benevolent visitor who magically ate our Christmas cookies and left behind a slew of beautiful presents…

Dec 14, 2015
The Sounding Blog

The Lord of the Dance

  When my son Michael – who has special needs – is excited, or when he is trying to get a burp to come out, he does a little dance.  It’s…

Nov 17, 2015