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Book Review: When Mama Had Cancer

Cancer is big and scary. It’s a challenge to the whole family. It’s nearly impossible for adults to comprehend. It can be even more so bewildering…

Oct 15, 2017
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The Crucified Jesus: A Book Review

Holy Week is the prime time for our spiritual life. It is when we spend more time at Church, increase our privet prayers and, for many people–especially…

Apr 02, 2017
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Book Review: Shepherding Sam

Saucer is a Corgi, and anyone who know anything about Corgis knows that they’re herders. They’ve been helping herd flocks for almost as long…

Nov 20, 2016
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Welcome to the Orthodox Church: A Review

Every single Orthodox person knows that in order to become Orthodox, you don’t read about it. You live it. You attend the services, do the fasting, say…

May 12, 2015
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Foretaste of Paradise

I read Catherine’s Pascha, written by Charlotte Riggle and illustrated by R J Hughes, on Clean Monday. It seemed appropriate that right after Compline…

Mar 02, 2015
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Nearly Orthodox, by Angela Doll Carson

One of the advantages of reading a poet’s conversion memoir is that you don’t get the typical chronological, straight-through narrative. While many…

Feb 21, 2015
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A Child’s Guide to the Divine Liturgy

There are two kinds of instruction books. One kind is to get the reader to put the book down and DO whatever it is they’re trying to learn as quickly…

Dec 31, 2014