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The Children's Word

You have a job to do!

Did somebody ever give you a job to do, and then give you all the tools to do it? Maybe you had to wash the windows, and your mother gave you some paper…

May 31, 2017
The Children's Word

The Church is One

Have you ever tried to make a big decision all by yourself? Even little choices can be hard to make when you make them alone! Lots of times, it helps to…

May 24, 2017
The Children's Word

Healing with mud?

How many of Christ’s miracles can you list? In the Bible, we hear about many of the wonderful things that Christ did—things that nobody else could…

May 17, 2017
The Children's Word

He told me all that I ever did!

Have you ever broken something, by accident? Yes? What did you do then? Did you admit that you broke it—a toy, a fancy glass, something that belonged…

May 10, 2017
The Children's Word

Jesus Christ heals you!

Do you have a favorite saint?  Maybe you pray to one saint more than any other. Maybe it’s your own patron saint or any other one. You might ask this…

May 03, 2017
The Children's Word

Peace be with you!

Have you ever felt so upset that you just couldn’t calm down? Maybe you were worried about something or felt scared? How did you finally calm down and…

Apr 20, 2017
The Children's Word

Let’s shine brightly!

Do you have a flashlight or a  candle? What does it look like when you shine it in a dark room? When you bring it  into the room, the darkness instantly…

Apr 12, 2017
The Children's Word

Rejoice in the Lord!

What makes you happy? Can you think of something that always makes you smile? A friend? A favorite thing you do? A joke? Did you know God wants us to be…

Apr 05, 2017
The Children's Word

How do you serve?

Have you ever tried really hard to be first in line? Have you even pushed people out of the way to get there? Even Jesus’ disciples made that mistake…

Mar 29, 2017
The Children's Word

God’s promises

Have you ever promised something to a friend? Did your friend believe you? Did you keep your promise? In today’s epistle reading, we hear about a promise…

Mar 22, 2017