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The Children's Word

The easy life?

Wouldn’t it be great to spend your whole life relaxing, kicking back, eating good food, and enjoying the easy life? A happy, comfortable, pain-free…

Aug 09, 2017
The Children's Word

Rise and have no fear

Have you ever been afraid of something… but you wanted to see it anyway? Maybe a movie with a scary part? Something in real life even? Today in the…

Aug 04, 2017
The Children's Word

With one voice

Have you ever been in a big cafeteria—maybe at school or at a restaurant? Did you ever stop to listen to how noisy it is when everybody is talking at…

Jul 19, 2017
The Children's Word

Do…and teach

Can you think of something you’ve taught somebody else to do? Cook a dinner? Tie your shoes? Dribble the basketball behind your back? When you teach…

Jul 12, 2017
The Children's Word

On your lips and in your heart

Have you ever heard somebody say, “Say what you mean, and mean what you say!”? We want to be truthful about what we say, don’t we? In the epistle…

Jul 06, 2017
The Children's Word

Many will come! Orthodox Kids Printable

Have you ever had a birthday party and invited some of your friends? Who was on your list? Were they all from your class or sports team? Were they all…

Jun 28, 2017
The Children's Word

Protect your eyes! Orthodox Kids Printable

Do you wear sunglasses?  Sunglasses might make you look cool, but they help take care of our eyes too! Did you know the sun’s rays can cause all kinds…

Jun 21, 2017
The Children's Word

Being obedient

Do you know what it means to be obedient? You might think of a dog being obedient to its master. But have your parents ever asked you to be obedient to…

Jun 14, 2017
The Children's Word

What do people call you?

What do people call you? Do you have a nickname or a name people know you by? Our names are important—even the silly ones! In today’s epistle reading,…

Jun 07, 2017
The Children's Word

You have a job to do!

Did somebody ever give you a job to do, and then give you all the tools to do it? Maybe you had to wash the windows, and your mother gave you some paper…

May 31, 2017