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The Children's Word

Taking a message

Have you ever taken a message for somebody?  “She’s not here right now. May I take a message?” you might say. Then when you have a chance, you spread…

Oct 19, 2016
The Children's Word

Are you listening?

How many times has somebody—a teacher, your mother or father, or even a friend— told you to LISTEN? Sometimes we DO hear something, but that doesn’t…

Oct 12, 2016
The Children's Word

No pain, no gain?

Have you ever heard somebody say, “no pain, no gain”? Well, that means that you can’t get any better at something unless you have a little bit of…

Oct 05, 2016
The Children's Word

How can you love an enemy?

Has anybody ever asked you to do something that sounds impossible?  Maybe you had to do something that you thought, “There’s no way!” In today’s…

Sep 30, 2016
The Children's Word

Our Way or God’s Way?

Do you like to do things your way? Well, we all do, don’t we? You might have a good idea or a good plan, and when somebody tells you to do it another…

Sep 21, 2016
The Children's Word

Christ lives in me!

What is the most amazing thing you have ever done? Have you tried really hard at something—and it showed? At school? On a team? At a special project?…

Sep 15, 2016
The Children's Word

God is on your side!

Have you ever been afraid of somebody who is really there to help you? Maybe you’ve been a little scared of talking to a teacher or going to the doctor….

Sep 07, 2016
The Children's Word

10 Million Dollars!

What do you do when somebody gives you a present? Well, you probably say “thank you!” Then, you might try to repay that person with another present—maybe…

Sep 01, 2016
The Children's Word

What hurts more?

What do you do when somebody makes fun of you? What do you say? Usually we say something back that is hurtful too, don’t we? In the epistle reading today,…

Aug 24, 2016
The Children's Word

Can you really do anything?

Has anybody ever said to you, “You can do anything…as long as you try”?  Sometimes that sounds a little silly doesn’t it? A short little kid…

Aug 18, 2016