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Accepting Christ’s Adoration: Look, Listen, and Be Loved!

The Washington Post Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Gene Weingarten, wrote a piece awhile ago about a street performer playing a violin at the top of…

Dec 27, 2017
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The Alpha and Omega: The End Is Christ

On September 8, 2017, I entered Holy Trinity, a parish on the other side of town from where we lived. It was the Nativity of the Theotokos, the God-bearer,…

Sep 21, 2017
The Sounding Blog

Understanding and Living Our Faith: Loving One Another in the Name of Our Lord

“And when you perceive the Spirit moving and speaking in your heart, inciting you to proclaim in the great congregation the saving power and truth of…

Aug 23, 2017
Family Insight Podcast Series

Have You Ever Taken the Time to Count Freckles? Family Insights Podcast Series

Today join us as they talk about the simple things. The challenge is to sit and capture the small moments to connect with others.   Together these counselors…

Apr 18, 2017
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Pascha and the Transcendence of Time

We are creatures of linear time, always moving forward, only glancing back imperfectly at the past. We dream of traveling at will along our timeline. Whether…

Apr 17, 2017
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The Icon of Extreme Humility

On or around Holy Week last year, I stopped in our church office. A beautiful icon was on the table as I entered. In all my years, I did not remember ever…

Apr 10, 2017
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Understanding and Living Our Faith: The Holiness of Condescending to One Another

“God condescends whenever He is not seen as He is, but in the way one incapable of beholding Him is able to look upon Him. In this way God reveals Himself…

Mar 23, 2017
The Sounding Blog

It’s the Father’s Good Pleasure to Give You the Kingdom

Sometimes in discussions with young people, I ask them this question: “If you were to die now, would you go to Heaven or Hell?” To my surprise, a large…

Dec 04, 2016
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Holiday Feasting at God’s Table

How many of you recently have gone out to eat with your families? Holiday shoppers, especially on the weekends, will generally dine out because of the…

Dec 01, 2016
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Unavoidable Illness and Death, Our Saving Road

“O Lord, save Your people and bless Your inheritance.” 1 My three year old was impressed with the paradox that God died. We attended Liturgy for the…

Jul 23, 2016