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Cradle or Convert? A Trend in Orthodoxy

Not long ago my mother and I visited her hometown parish for their annual food festival. My mom still has family and friends there, so it was a wonderful…

Jul 27, 2017
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Orthodox Christian Professor Addresses Recent Criticism of the Orthodox Christian Faith

Our spiritual father, Fr. Demetri, has asked me to say something short today, a few helpful thoughts in the light of these criticisms of our Holy Orthodox…

May 03, 2017
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The Elephant in the Ecumenical Room

Especially in advance of the much-anticipated Great and Holy Council scheduled for later this year, there has been much talk about the importance of our…

Apr 17, 2016
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Go Stand in the Corner: A Convert Reflects on Discipline

From one of our bloggers! Go Stand in the Corner: A Convert Reflects on Discipline I grew up in the 1980s as part of a large Roman Catholic family. My…

Nov 04, 2015
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Put Your Hope in God, for I Will yet Praise Him

Nearly twenty-five years ago, on the cusp of my graduation from college, I had a nervous breakdown. My longstanding identity as a student was being stripped…

May 26, 2015