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The Sounding

Musings from a Grateful Convert: Data ≠ Truth

In a conversation with an old friend, we reminisced about building models of different kinds in our youth. Model cars, ships, airplanes—even dinosaurs…

Sep 30, 2016
The Sounding

Musings from a Grateful Convert: So Who’s an Expert of Faith?

“An Expert is a man with a briefcase who is more than fifty miles from home.” This little saying came to my ears in my youth and seems popular today….

Sep 10, 2016
The Sounding

Musings from a Grateful Convert by Roger Hunt — Things That Don’t Matter Anymore, Episode 3: Theological Arguing

This time around I present yet another item that is no longer a concern: Arguing Theology. So let’s start by defining “Theology”. According the Google…

Jun 18, 2016

“Faith Seeking Understanding” (Part II): Clement of Alexandria

Editor’s note: Part I of this series may be found here. Without a doubt, the richest source for theological epistemology in pre-Nicene Christian…

Jul 25, 2014

“Faith Seeking Understanding” (Part I): Patristic and Early Christian Touchstones

Christianity entered the Greco-Roman world as a religion of the incarnate Logos – word or reason – of God. With such a message and with the growth…

Jul 24, 2014