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Adult Study Classes

Gifts and Talents as Assets – Adult Education

Adult Religious Education The Scriptures state that “my people will suffer for a lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6). It’s not enough to simply provide…

Mar 20, 2017
Adult Study Classes

Planting Orthodox Seeds: LIVE Q & A with Fr. Gregory

Every person asks questions.  Here at Orthodox Christian Network we encourage it.  Fr. Gregory Joyce blesses our OCN Community. Every other week Fr….

Mar 18, 2017
The Sounding Blog

Holistic Faith

The term holistic means working with nature rather than against it. And faith is belief that calls one to act. When we cooperate with God, His mercy becomes…

Mar 13, 2017
Feast of Healthy Thoughts

Educating our Children in The Image of God after The Likeness of Christ

How can faith come alive? Thousands can be saved around us, but how? Father Anthony’s witty and thought provoking talk affirms that the way to salvation…

Feb 08, 2017
Pemptousia Partnership

Christmas can be approached only through faith

Athanasios Moustakis ‘When Abraham was called, by faith…’ As is the case every year, the Epistle reading for the Sunday before the Nativity of Christ…

Dec 21, 2016
Orthodox Conferences

Is Religion Contractual or Something Completely Different?

What does it mean to be religious? Does it mean we enter into a contractual relationship with God? “We do this, He does that?” Or is it something…

Dec 12, 2016
Pemptousia Partnership

The Embrace and Confession of the Faith

When the priest has laid the Precious Gifts on the altar, he, or the deacon, offers the Litany of Completion. The people reply ‘Grant this, Lord’,…

Dec 08, 2016
Pemptousia Partnership

Jonathan Jackson: a Secret full of music

Pemptousia brings you excerpts from the presentation of the book “Το Μυστήριο της Τέχνης. Η γέννηση του Καλλιτέχνη…

Nov 23, 2016
The Sounding Blog

Participating in the Divine Liturgy

The Divine Liturgy is an experience that invites us to participate with every level of our being—not one that merely asks us to observe. Indeed, the…

Oct 22, 2016
The Sounding Blog

The Beatitudes and the True Meaning of Peace

Every Sunday liturgy, the Orthodox sing the Beatitudes, the introduction to Christ’s Sermon on the Mount. They are traditionally considered to be the…

Oct 19, 2016