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An Open Letter to First-Generation Dads on Fathers’ Day

There are fathers and then there are dads, am I right? I have had the great fortune of having both wonderful fathers and dads in my life—fathers who…

Jun 17, 2017
Come Receive the Light

Becoming Who God Calls Us to Be.

This week on CRTL, we cover two important topics: the Church’s understanding of manhood and the veneration of the Theotokos, the Virgin Mary and Mother…

Aug 12, 2016
Come Receive the Light

Fatherhood and the Modern Man

Balancing Fatherhood with other roles has been quite the struggle for men in our modern world. Listen as Emmy Louvaris speaks with George Papageorge, a…

Jun 16, 2016
Orthodox Family & Faith

Expectations of Fatherhood Today

Is the role of fatherhood getting in the way of parenting? Are you terrified at the thought of an emotional connection? Listen as our guest host, Emmy…

Jun 17, 2015
Come Receive the Light

The Sacred Role of Fatherhood

Are we surprised when we see the lack of solid parental influence on kids in malls, movies, and TV shows? Fr. Stavros Akrotirianakis, the priest of St….

Jun 11, 2015
Come Receive the Light

It’s About Time

What ​can a bishop teach us about fatherhood? We’ve invited His Grace Bishop Gregory, Primate of the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of…

Jun 04, 2015
The Sounding Blog

Rites of Passage

We live in a world that does not celebrate adulthood, where we prefer boys over men, and to become a man is to risk scorn or isolation. So how does one…

Sep 09, 2013