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Make A Difference In Your Life

Ever feel like there is never enough time for personal growth in your faith? Have you made goals to pray more, read more, and learn more but rarely can…

Apr 04, 2017
OCN Now Radio

Giving Greece a Helping Hand

What’s going on in the Mediterranian Sea?  International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) is responding to the current events in Greece and Syria. …

Jul 20, 2015
The Sounding Blog

7 Steps:  How You Can Help in Defense of Persecuted Christians

7 Steps:  How You Can Help in Defense of Persecuted Christians As Orthodox Christians, we are called to join together in defense of persecuted Christians. …

Mar 27, 2015
Orthodox Christian Counseling Institute

Becoming Empowered by Unemployment

Are you finding yourself out of work?  Did your job define you?  Anastasia–Carol Kruse, a member of the Orthodox Christian Counseling Institute (OCCI),…

Oct 22, 2011