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The Use of the Internet in the Pastoral Practice of the Church

Communicating via the Internet The manner of expression of the Internet is, in the first place, that of presence: to communicate on the Internet you have…

Dec 15, 2016
Orthodox News

Technology Safety Through the Eyes of Faith

Being a parent isn’t easy. It can often feel overwhelming. Throw in the Internet, social networks, computers, mobile, and gaming devices and things…

Sep 01, 2016
Orthodox News

Serbian Church Launches Internet TV Station

B92 published an English-language summary of an article in the Serbian daily, Vecernje Novositi, which announced the creation of the first Internet TV…

Jan 07, 2015
Orthodox Family & Faith

Protecting Your Children Online

With Christmas coming and door-buster sales everywhere you look, you might be shopping for a smart phone or tablet to put under the Christmas tree.  Before…

Dec 10, 2014
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High-Speed Internet Spreads Evil, Says Prominent Russian Orthodox Bishop

Modern technology brings with it positive and negative consequences. How should Christians respond to and use the internet? Recent remarks from His Eminence Metropolitan…

Dec 07, 2014