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Pemptousia Partnership

Historic Moments at the Holy Sepulchre: repaired by Greek experts, the Holy Canopy has been returned to use

Pepi Ekonomaki   After many months of work by an inter-disciplinary team from the Metsovio National Technical University, under the leadership of…

Mar 23, 2017
Orthodox News

Holy Sepulcher to be restored by Jordan’s King

His Majesty King Abdullah has offered to use his own expenses to pay for the restoration of Jesus’ Tomb in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem….

Apr 12, 2016
Orthodox News

Real Break in Jerusalem

“We would walk along the street, and were suddenly in a holy place.” Spring break is over. Many of you are gearing up for finals and year-end projects,…

Apr 04, 2016
Christian Rights and Religious Persecution

“Christian Unity on Matters of Religious Liberty – Being a Disciple of Christ in “Your Jerusalem” by Bill Marianes

The Orthodox Christian Network features the important work of organizations that promote religious freedom, defend Christian Rights and stand against Christian…

Jan 06, 2016
The Sounding Blog

Holy Week in the Holy City

This video montage takes you through some of the highlights of Holy Week in the Holy City of Jerusalem. We start on Holy Monday morning with a Hierarchical…

Apr 06, 2015
Orthodox News

Orthodox Christians Prepare to Celebrate Christmas as Bitter Cold Strikes Russia

Teeth-chattering weather descended on Russia on Christmas Eve, with temperatures falling to -25C in Moscow and -35C in the remote region of Yakutia, as…

Jan 06, 2015
The Sounding Blog

Recollections of Jerusalem: Interview with Anya Berezina Derrick

I had the pleasure of recently speaking with Anya Berezina Derrick about her new book, Recollections of Jerusalem, published by Holy Trinity Publications….

Oct 06, 2014
The Sounding Blog

Imagining the Holy

I grew up in a Lutheran Church in Wisconsin, hearing the stories of the Bible every Sunday just as I still do now as an Orthodox Christian. And my imagination…

Jul 17, 2014
The Sounding Blog

Chiseled from Living Rock: The Lalibela Churches of Ethiopia

Last week, we featured a story from CNN, “Rock churches of Lalibela, the Jerusalem of Ethiopia.” We received many comments in response, asking…

Jul 14, 2014
Orthodox News

OCN Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

There are still a few places open for you to join us on a remarkable journey to the holiest places in the Christian world! Many people have already signed…

Nov 21, 2013