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Saint Paraskevi from Epivates, the Patron Saint of the Balkans

Blessed Paraskevi. The fragrant blossom of the desert “God is marvellous in His saints” are the words of the Prophet of God (Ps. 67, 35). He’s wonderful…

Oct 14, 2017
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The Holy Martyrs Sergius and Bacchus

Saint Nicholas Velimirovich   These bold and holy martyrs of the Christian faith were, at one time, officers at the impartial court, in the reign…

Oct 07, 2017
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Saint Kyriakos the Anachorite

† Dionysios, Metropolitan of Servia and Kozani   Today the Church honours and celebrates the sacred memory of Blessed Kyriakos the Anchorite, who…

Sep 29, 2017
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Saint Eustace and his Companions

Saint Nicodemus the Hagiorite   The great martyr for Christ Eustace (Eustathios) was a solider of renown in Rome at the time of the Emperor Trajan…

Sep 20, 2017
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St Athanasios Koulakiotis, an educated young man offers his life for Christian faith

Saint Athnasios came from a village near Thessaloniki called Koulakia, now known as Halastra). Born in 1749, his parents, Polykhrous and Louloudo, were…

Sep 07, 2017
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Saint Hermione, the daughter of Saint Philip the Deacon

Saint Hermione, one of the four daughters of the Deacon Philip, who, according to the evidence in Acts (21, 8-9) were virgins and prophetesses, Hermioneand…

Sep 05, 2017
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Samuel the Judge and Prophet (+ Αugust 20)

Theodore Rokas   The Prophet Samuel, the last Judge of Israel, appeared on the stage of Biblical history towards the end of the period of the Judges,…

Aug 21, 2017
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”He was nourished by prayer and did not feel the pangs of hunger”: New Martyr Theocharis from Neapolis, Asia Minor

In 1740, the Ottoman Empire was at war and Sultan Ahmet ordered that all the male children of Christians be taken off to army camps. Theocharis, who was…

Aug 20, 2017
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A sailor distinguished for his purity: The Holy New Martyr Triandafyllos

Martyred in Constantinople on 8 August, 1680. The saint came from Zagora in Magnisia. He worked as a sailor on ships and was distinguished for the purity…

Aug 10, 2017
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Blessed Irene οf Chryssovalantou Monastery – 28 July

Blessed Irene was born in Cappadocia, into the bosom of a rich and noble family, after the death of the iconoclast emperor Theofilos (842). When Theodora…

Aug 05, 2017