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Pemptousia Partnership

Mother’s Day and the Church

Dr. Petros Panayiotopoulos   Mother’s Day today and children all over the world take the opportunity to remember and honour their mother. There…

May 14, 2017
The Sounding Blog

The Common Bond of Motherhood

An expectant mother holds her belly and feels her baby kick inside. A young woman wipes her child’s tears and kisses him afterwards. A grandmother…

May 14, 2017
Be Transfigured

Honor Your Mother by Honoring the Church

Be Transfigured – Honor Your Mother by Honoring the Church The combining of the Sunday of Thomas, the Feast of Saint John the Theologian and Mothers’…

May 10, 2016
Be Renewed in Christ

Learning from the Virtues of Mothers

When I’ve asked children over the years which virtues they best loved about their mother, I get a variety of beautiful and cute answers: she loves us…

May 12, 2015
Be Transfigured

Holy Motherhood

Mothers’ Day is a day to honor our mothers, those holy women who gave us life. This week’s episode of Be Transfigured is dedicated to honoring Holy…

May 11, 2015
The Sounding Blog

Honor Thy Mother

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and so we celebrate the special bond between mother and child. My two favorite mothers are Mary, mother of Jesus, and Elizabeth,…

May 07, 2015