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Pemptousia Partnership

Bruce Chatwin: a Reflection on a Nomad’s Journey to Orthodoxy

It seems to me that nomads have often had a different perspective on life and what they seek. “The search for nomads is a search for God,” Bruce Chatwin…

Jan 21, 2016
Pemptousia Partnership

The Sanctity and Miracles of Blessed Paisios the Athonite

Saint Paisios died on the feast of the Holy Apostles Saints Peter and Paul according to the Old Calendar, which is certainly no coincidence. Since his…

Dec 11, 2015
The Sounding Blog

My Encounter with St. John Chrysostom

  The first time I ever saw the holy relics of saints was at Philotheou Monastery on Mt. Athos.  It was after the evening service and the fathers…

Nov 17, 2015
Pemptousia Partnership

One Desires, Another Gives

Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an…

Oct 05, 2015
Pemptousia Partnership

Keeping Contemporary Conveniences at Bay

In this interview Nikolaos Koios, Editor-in Chief of Pemptousia, and Elder Elisaios, Abbot of the Holy Monastery of Simonos Petras, Mt Athos, Greece, discuss…

Sep 25, 2015
The Sounding Blog

The Feast of Theophany at Vatopedi Monastery, Holy Mount Athos, 2015

Our partners at Pemptousia have produced an excellent video, showing scenes of the liturgical festivities for the feast of the Theophany, held just days…

Jan 20, 2015
The Sounding Blog

Supplications to the Theotokos on Mt. Athos

Beginning on August 1, the Orthodox Church enters a special fasting period, known popularly as the fifteen days. Leading up to the great feast day of the…

Aug 01, 2014