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Pemptousia Partnership

Klaus Kenneth “Orthodoxy as revelation and life”

Klaus Kenneth, author and musician, in his interview in Pemptousia talks about the Orthodoxy as revelation and life. Source:    …

May 27, 2017
Orthodox News

2017 Summer Internship Program

OCN is offering a Summer Internship Program to high school graduates, undergraduates, and college graduates in fields related to Media Ministry and Communications….

Mar 27, 2017
Adult Study Classes

What To Do If I Can’t Find My Faith: LIVE Q & A with Fr. Gregory

Every person asks questions.  Here at Orthodox Christian Network we encourage it.  Fr. Gregory Joyce blesses our OCN Community. Every other week Fr….

Mar 25, 2017
Orthodox Youth and Young Adult Programs

Orthodoxy and Communism

Our partners at Pan Orthodox United, Voices of America (OVA) presents a new Travel Series! Together we discuss the importance of how the Communist Regime…

Mar 18, 2017
Pemptousia Partnership

‘My conversion to Orthodoxy’

Revd. Fr. Jonathan Hemmings talks about his conversion to Orthodoxy and his last book. Source:     ABOUT THE ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN…

Mar 07, 2017

MyOCN is YourOCN: Photo Gallery

Thank you for ongoing support and dedication to inspiring millions of Orthodox Christians together worldwide.  Together we continue to grow our OCN community….

Feb 06, 2017
Pemptousia Partnership

Your Highness, we’ve been defeated: Basil the Great

Stylianos G. Papadopoulos Until then, Orthodoxy in Cappadocia seemed very much like an islet in the East. Valens let loose the evils of heresy everywhere….

Jan 02, 2017
Orthodox Conferences

OCAMPR Annual Conference “On Pain and Suffering” November 3-5, 2016

OCAMPR, an international, pan-Orthodox organization endorsed by the Assembly of Canonical Bishops of the United States of America, is excited to announce…

Jan 29, 2016

Meet Dr. Bill Black, OCMC Missionary to Kenya

Inspired by the OCMC, the Orthodox Christian Network will be featuring the outstanding missionary outreach of this organization who, in the spirit of…

Jan 28, 2016
Pemptousia Partnership

Bruce Chatwin: a Reflection on a Nomad’s Journey to Orthodoxy

It seems to me that nomads have often had a different perspective on life and what they seek. “The search for nomads is a search for God,” Bruce Chatwin…

Jan 21, 2016