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Feast of Healthy Thoughts

Educating our Children in The Image of God after The Likeness of Christ

How can faith come alive? Thousands can be saved around us, but how? Father Anthony’s witty and thought provoking talk affirms that the way to salvation…

Feb 08, 2017
Be Renewed in Christ

Reflections on the Priesthood

Sometimes people ask me, “Why did you become a priest? Was it because of your father? Did you parents pressure you into following that path?” It’s…

Oct 21, 2015
Orthodox News

NEW FEATURE! Orthodox Christian Seminary News

Can you name all the Orthodox Christian seminaries in the United States? In the world? Can you name more than one? Have you ever visited a seminary? What…

Aug 04, 2015
The Sounding Blog

Three Lessons from Three Outstanding Orthodox Priests, Part 1

It seems as if we are losing so many outstanding Orthodox priests. Less than two months ago, a young priest with six children, Fr. Matthew Baker, died…

Apr 30, 2015
Come Receive the Light

A Job or a Calling?

What’s the difference between a good person and a Christian? More than you might think. Our guest Mike Tishel, the ​Director of ​CrossRoad ​Institute…

Jan 29, 2015
The Sounding Blog

Father Nicholas Triantafilou Retires

I heard yesterday of the retirement of a man who many call a “priest’s priest.” The Reverend Father Nicholas Triantafilou, President of Hellenic…

Sep 17, 2014