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How Natural Disasters Strengthen our Faith

This week’s episode covers several topics including; “How Natural Disasters Strengthen our Faith”, “Spiritual Fathers, Who are…

Nov 07, 2017
Orthodox News

New Daily LIVE Call-in Radio Broadcast with the “BIBLE ANSWER MAN” Hank Hanegraaff

The Orthodox Christian Network (OCN) is pleased to announce partnership with the internationally- syndicated daily live call-in radio show: Bible Answer…

Jun 30, 2017
Generation ICXC

What Does it Mean if a Loved One Visits in a Dream?

The ball is rolling! We have gotten several questions, more than I ever anticipated, and I will try to tackle them all. I selected a few to start us off…

Jan 26, 2015
Orthodoxy Explained

The Nativity Fast: What’s it all about?

As we begin the Nativity Fast, we hear in Theologically Thinking about the significance of this important Church discipline.   ABOUT THE ORTHODOX…

Nov 14, 2013