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The Sounding

A Christian Response to the Refugees

  “Cut off terrorism from our countries and end the flow of arms. Send your warships back to your ports! We are not protected by the vessels of…

Nov 24, 2015
Christian Rights and Religious Persecution

NY Times- House Approves Tougher Refugee Screening, Defying Veto Threat

The Orthodox Christian Network features the important work of organizations that promote religious freedom, defend Christian Rights, and stand against…

Nov 23, 2015
Be Renewed in Christ

Migrants, Refugees and Jesus Christ

MIGRANTS, REFUGEES AND JESUS CHRIST Fr. Luke A. Veronis How many of us saw the picture of the little Syrian boy washed up on the shore in his attempt to…

Sep 17, 2015
Orthodox News

A Shelter for Refugees, Papa Stratis, Dies at 57

A bright light has gone dim with the falling asleep of Fr. Efstratios Dimou, known as Papa Steatis. He was only 57 years old. He has been caring for refugees…

Sep 04, 2015
Orthodox News

Assyrian Children Bear Scars of War, Face New Challeges in Exile

June 18, 2015 (Baltimore, MD)— Desperate to flee the onslaught of violence surrounding his village near Hasakah, Syria, Charbel remembers how frightened…

Jun 18, 2015
Orthodox News

Promise, Law and Freedom – Living the Word of God by Father Fouad Saba

Rev. Father Fouad Saba, Dean of the St. George Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral (Coral Gables, Florida) and speaker on the subject of religious freedom, presented…

Mar 29, 2015
Orthodox News

Reuters: Syrian Refugees Top 3 Million, Half of All Syrians Displaced

By Stephanie Nebehay (Reuters) – Three million Syrian refugees will have registered in neighbouring countries as of Friday, an exodus that began…

Aug 30, 2014
Orthodox News

AINA: 5 Refugees Dying Per Day

(AINA) — The Hammurabi Human Rights Organization* has issued its latest report, dated August 21, 2014, on the situation in North Iraq. Status of…

Aug 23, 2014
Orthodox News

Alone in a Foreign Land, Syrian Refugees Face New Fears and Sacrifices

Fleeing the violence in Syria with only the clothes on their backs, this refugee mother and her children welcome the quilts and personal hygiene kits distributed…

Jun 24, 2013