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Pemptousia Partnership

Saint Catherine and the Smart Impious

James W. Lillie What are we to make of Saint Catherine? We know really very little about her. Even her name is a mystery. According to some, she was originally…

Nov 25, 2016
Pemptousia Partnership

The Holy Martyr Petros, Bishop of Alexandria

Yeoryios D. Papadimitropoulos The holy martyr Petros, Bishop of Alexandria at the time of the Emperor Maximian (286-305) was a teacher of the true faith…

Nov 24, 2016
Pemptousia Partnership

Saint Ioannis Vatatzis, a compassionate and far-sighted emperor

On 4 November, our Church honours the memory of an outstanding personality of the Middle Ages in Greece, the emperor Ioannis Vatatzis. Ioannis came from…

Nov 06, 2016
Pemptousia Partnership

Saint David of Evia (Euboea)

Blessed David was born at the beginning of the 16th century in the sea-side village of Gardinitza, opposite the island of Evia. His father was a devout…

Nov 01, 2016
Orthodox Seminary News

St. Tikhon’s Seminary Commemorates St. Nikolas of Zhicha

“O Venerable Father Hierarch Nikolai, pray unto God for us!” South Canaan, Pa (March 18, 2016) — At the initial request of seminarians asking…

Mar 30, 2016
Iconography and Saints

A New American Saint?

Could we have a new American-born Orthodox saint?  Over the weekend, the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) gathered to move the interred body of Vladyka…

Mar 06, 2016
The Prayer Team

Listen to the Daily Gospel for the Forefeast of the Presentation of Our Lord

  EPISTLE READING Saint Paul’s Letter to the Romans 8:28-39 Prokeimenon. Mode 4. Psalm 15.3,8 Among the saints who are in his land, the Lord…

Jan 31, 2016
Come Receive the Light

Holy People and Holy Places 

  Have you ever been on a pilgrimage?  Have you traveled to a holy place with the purpose of venerating it, or in order visit historical or sacred…

Jan 23, 2016
Iconography and Saints

Saint Spyridon the Wonderworker

  There are some saints that I can relate to better than others.  Saint Spyridon is one of them.  Reading about his life and miracles has always…

Nov 30, 2015
Iconography and Saints

Learn About the Icon of Saint Andrew – The Art of Belief Series

Inspired by the documentary, PISTEVO, the Orthodox Christian Network will be featuring iconography and the Saints of the Orthodox Church.  Iconography,…

Aug 24, 2015