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Saint Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain

Georgios Martzelos Saint Nicodemus the Hagiorite was one of the greatest figures on Mount Athos in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. He was born…

Jul 15, 2017
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Blessed Sampson the Hospitaller (+ 27 June)

Our blessed father Sampson came from a family from the high society of Roman aristocracy, apparently linked to the kin of Constantine the Great. He studied…

Jun 27, 2017
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What Saints have to tell us today

Prof. Fr Vassilios Kalliakmanis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, speaks at a Conference about the Ss. Cosmas the Aetolian and Porphyrios from Kafsokalyvia….

Jun 19, 2017
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Saint Anthimos Arethiotis

Dr. Haralambis Bousias   ‘Whoever observes the whole of the law, but errs in one thing, is guilty of everything’ (Jas. 2, 10). And the damage…

May 26, 2017
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Saint Helen, my most favorite Champion

Maria C. Khoury, Ed. D.   I was just visiting Shepherds’ Field the other day that is the precise location where the angels appeared to the shepherds…

May 21, 2017
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St. John Cassian (February, 29): How Should We Pray

Feast of St. John Cassian the Roman is on February 29, and for non-leap years on February 28. St. Cassian (360-435) was a monk, known for his mystical…

Mar 02, 2017
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What’s in the Name?

During my last visit to the monasteries in Egypt, I was asked by family members to baptize their child at the monastery. When I went there the day of the…

Feb 20, 2017
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Who is the newly-proclaimed Saint Meletios?

Evagoras Makhaira   On 27 November, 2013, the Ecumenical Patriarchate entered two new names into the Calendar of Saints of the Church: Porfyrios Kavsokalyvitis…

Feb 14, 2017
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A Remarkable Royal Family

W. J. Lillie   February 3, Feast of Saint Werburga While it may be true that history doesn’t repeat itself, it is also true that human beings do….

Feb 03, 2017
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The Holy Martyr Tryphon of Apamea

Saint Tryphon was born in Lampsakos, in Phrygia during the reign of the Emperor Gordian. From a young age, his task was to be a goose-herd. The ignominy…

Feb 01, 2017